We can provide complete Wood Pellet production Plants and single Machineries.

Drum Dryers

We produce drum dryers for sawdust and wood chips of various sizes, with boilers that works with wet biomass. Drum dryers are particularly suitable for the production lines of pellets and briquettes .We can also provide several types of loading hoppers and metering screws to transport.


Multi Cyclone, placed between your biomass boiler and the drum dryer, has been especially studied and designed for the separation, in gravimetric mode, of all ashes that are in the smokes/air.

Pellet Mills

We can supply pellet mills, especially designed to produce wood pellets.
We have pellet mills of various sizes and capacities.


Debarker has been designed to work with logs of various sizes and has been especially studied to debark the crooked material.
With the change of tools, the debarker can also operate on the cuttings of sawmill.
The sturdy structure in the robust steelworks and the careful engineering study makes the debarker also suitable for the heavy duty of machine.


We design and build bag filters with self-cleaning bags of various sizes and according to customer requirements.


Cleangreder has been especially designed to clean the sawdust from silicates, sands and over size materials that usually are in the sawdust. The material passes through mandatory courses, due to a counter current airflow, and it goes to hit the specific bulkheads, in this way there is the separation of sands and silicates from the sawdust.

Belt Dryers

We produce belt dryers from 500 up to 8000 kg/h of dry product. The belt dryers EHW serie TP at high performance are equipped with an automatic cleaning system of belts. Our belt dryers are particularly suitable to use the residual heat from the cogeneration plants.

Our products are in line with the emissions levels stated by the Industrial Emissions Directive from 2010 (2010/75 / EU).

Redlers And Screws

Our redlers, sized as needed, are particularly quiet and with resistant chains.
We also design and produce screw of various sizes, which always correspond to the needs of our customers, with variable or constant screw’s pitch.

Hammer Mills

Our hammer mills are purposely designed to chop wood.
We have the HMW serie for the chips’ pre-grinding entering still wet into the dryer, and we also have the HMD serie for the dry product’s refining before it is sent to the pelletizer.


We produce magnetic drum metal separators according to the needs of our customer. They are particularly suitable for the extraction of ferrous parts in the raw material. Metal separators help avoiding production stops and in particular grids and knives breaking in the mills.

Dosing Bunkers

Our dosing bunkers, with dosing screws system, are especially designed to dose the material at the inlet of dryers and hammers.

Automatic Bagging Machines

We can provide complete automatic stuffers with production capacities of 300 to 480 bags / hour.

Disc Screens

Our disc screens are particularly suitable to be joined to our loading hoppers. They allow to remove all the big size material from the raw material.

Spare Parts & Assistance

We can provide extruders, rollers, shirts, bearings for any type of press, as well as grids, blades etc. for hammer mills of each type.

Loading Hoppers

E.H.W. GmbH creates loading hoppers of various sizes and capacities.
Our loading hoppers are equipped with extractors for the extraction of chipper and sawdust.