Pellet Plants

Pellet Plants

E.H.W. GmbH supplies complete plants, which are tailored to the needs of the customers.

Thanks to our valuable experience, we have developed several high-performance solutions:

  • A loading line for the raw material, divided in two parts: one for the wet sawdust, that directly goes into the loading bunker of the dryer, and another one for the woodchip, composed of a special mill that grinds the material and makes it easier to dry.
  • double loading line for wet and dry material, that provides an automatic measurement of dry material for the loading process.
  • Big loading systems, composed of several boxes for the automatic mixing of the different parts of wood, woodchip and sawdust.

To fulfill completely our customers’ needs, we provide Belt Dryers as well as Drum Dryers. This type of dryer can be equipped with an innovative system, called MultiCyclone, that controls smoke and ashes. Thanks to MultiCyclone, pellet will have a lower level of ashes and will be much whiter – this ensure a high quality final product.
We can also provide Cleangrader, a special system that helps cleaning sawdust and woodchip from dust and other impurities.

Our high-tech and high-performance plants need a reduced amount of energyconsumption and few maintenance operations.